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This listing is for one 1.0 oz. Muscle Rub~

A naturally soothing rub made to help stimulate circulation in connective tissues + muscles. Formulated with a blend of traditional herbs + essential oils known to help sooth sore muscles & joints.

To use: Massage on affected area as needed for pain relief.

Muscle Rub

  • ❁Ingredients: organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic comfrey, beeswax, menthol, organic arnica, organic goldenseal, organic neem, organic cayenne, organic marshmallow, pure essential oil blend of camphor, eucalyptus, ginger, wintergreen, clove, natural vitamin e, +LOVE

    ❁I do not use synthetic fragrances, dyes, or chemicals. Each muscle rub is handmade with ❤ in Washington.
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